• Mails being having the source of all your personal and professional data is protected with the help of case sensitive password. Whenever you create a new email account, you are always asked for entering a password which is strong and also easy for you to remember. The password being case sensitive is usually created while keeping in mind that it becomes quite difficult to hack. They act a key to the lock, where lock signifies your email account. Every time when you sign in to your ATT email account, you are asked to enter your username or user Id and password in case you have not saved them both. If it is your personal system, you can always save them on the system to avoid the trouble of entering the credentials again and again. It usually depends from person to person. But many times, the users want to know that how they can reset the email password. Sometimes they have forgotten the password, sometimes they just want to change it for security purposes. Resetting a password can be really easy, provided you follow the steps one by one. Read this blog and understand the procedure. You can also take additional help from the techies at ATT email customer service at any given point.

    The steps to reset the ATT email password

    •Enter the following web address att.yahoo.com/mail on the web browser.
    •Now tap on the Sign in button.
    •Now in the user ID or Yahoo ID field that is given, provide your ATT email address.
    •In the password field, tap on the link ‘reset the password’
    •You will be taken to a tab, in that select the option of Password.
    •Now enter your User ID.
    •From the option given, ‘What ID should I use’, select any one from the following

    Wireless number when it was added to the user ID
    ATT email
    ATT member ID
    Digital Life User ID
    10-digit AT&T prepaid wireless number

    •Now enter your last name
    •Then write the captcha in the box given below.
    •Once done, click on Continue
    •Depending on the information you had entered in ‘What ID should I use’, you will receive a code.
    •Enter the code in the password field of the sign in page.
    •Now create a new password and then reenter it to confirm the same.
    •You can also reset the password using the security questions.
    •The first 5 steps will remain the same. You will only be required to select the option of security question rather than user ID.
    •Select the security question that you had chosen while creating the account.
    •Answer it and follow the prompts to reset the password.

    It is usually quite easy to reset the ATT email password, provided you have all the required information. If you have also forgotten your user ID and can’t remember exactly the security question, then it is suggested that you reach out to the ATT customer support. The number stays in service for 24 hours and 7 days and you will get your query resolved in real time with expert opinion.